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Deadly Gold


ISBN: 9781574160604
Author: Hal Simmons
Pages: 256
Age Group:

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Author Tony Hillerman says, “Deadly Gold is a novel with murders and mystery, but no dull moments.

“In his new novel, Hal Simmons dips into his experience as a news reporter, lawyer and high country fly fisherman. In a small town in the Rocky Mountains, he takes you on a nail-biting adventure involving death and gold.

“Fame, fortune and a relaxing encounter are what Marc is seeking when he leaves his urban newspaper job and heads for Crystal, Colorado, hoping to land a job as reporter on the newspaper in a quiet little mining town. But nothing is quiet in Crystal but the falling snow. Simmons leads his hero through enough death defying adventures to provide a script for a half-dozen Harrison Ford movies, ranging in locale from high atop icy mountain cliffs to the depth of abandoned mine shafts and including a story love affair.

“Deadly Gold doesn’t turn out to be relaxing for Simmons’ hero and it won’t be for the reader.” (Tony Hillerman)

“A taut, exciting novel set in the Colorado Rockies, where gold mining and greed draw a young newspaperman onto a perilous path that leads to murder.” (Marc Simmons, author and historian)

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