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Clear Light Publishing

Clear Light Publishing titles include books on Art, Culture, Children, Cookbooks, Environment, Folklore, Native American, Politics, Sovereignty, Spirituality, Southwest,

Tibetan and the Wisdom of the elders that have kept the legacy of humanity through the printed word.

Our core philosophy is to promote and sustain the beauty and wisdom of the elders.


Photography By: Marcia Keegan

Clear Light Publishing was founded 30+ years ago at the genesis of the desk top publishing evolution to publish books that chronicle the legacy of the human spirit and the wisdom of the elders for Native American, Tibetan and Western authors that have been inspired by the indigenous peoples of the world. We have published works by the Dalai Lama, Oren Lyons, John Mohawk, Huston Smith, Marcia Keegan, Vine DeLoria and numerous aspiring and established authors.

Through the years Clearlight lived through the tumultuous change that the book industry has undergone and has evolved into an affinity media company, with interactive book catalogs that may be found on our umbrella book site

 We have developed focused book catalogs based on the needs and interests of individuals and communities through the establishment of interactive media networks to serve the literary community with broadcasting, social media and publishing services.

Clear Light Publishing has morphed into a content publishing organization and is developing a multi-sensory publishing platform to publish works for the next 30+ years and to reach the millennial generation with content that incorporates text, speech, graphics, and tactile interaction.



Experience the new dimension of mobi-publishing

Serving Indian Country with 24/7 programing

Serving the Tibetan Community with 24/7 programing

Serving the Feminine Community with topical information toward gender equality with 24/7 programming

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