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Health for Life Secrets of Tibetan Ayurveda


ISBN: 9781889797144
Author: Robert Sachs
Illustrator: 35 drawings & photos, 14 tables
Pages: 240
Age Group:

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Focusing on the traditional wisdom and health practices of Tibet, Health for Life takes a practical approach to the crucial relationship between our health and the way we live. It distills these teachings into a comprehensive guide to preventive health care and health maintenance for people of all ages, cultures, and constitutional types. Clearly explaining the principles and methods handed down by Tibetan teachers and doctors, the author gives guidelines for lay persons in applying them to different aspects of daily life.

Readers are encouraged to determine their own needs by taking the “self-profile” test, which enables them to discover their own physical/personality type according to the Tibetan system. Sachs keys each dietary and lifestyle recommendation to the different personal types identified in Tibetan practice.

Preventive health care–the fastest growing dimension in contemporary Western medicine–increasingly looks to the individual to take reponsibility for promoting health through a healthy lifestyle. Sachs’ systematic approach and helpful charts and drawings make this manual easy to use. He leaves us little excuse to put off taking the simple steps that will start us on the path toward full health and well-being.

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