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Taos Pueblo Painted Stories


ISBN: 9781574160802
Author: Jonathan Warm Day
Illustrator: 27 original full-color acrylic paintings
Pages: 55
Age Group:

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“Jonathan employs a striking contemporary visual expression to allow us a candid view into the intimate communal life of Taos Pueblo as it was long ago. His charming primitive style, love of vivid color, and strong use of space are distinctive of his work. His paintings are animated, open, and warmly inviting, revealing the enchanting serenity and gracefulness of life lived close to nature. Jonathan is also inspired by his mother, who was a well-known artist herself, and by his strong connection to the private spiritual life of his pueblo community.

As appealing as this rich pastoral world is, it is vanishing quickly, even in Jonathan’s lifetime. He is committed, therefore, to preserving his cultural heritage as best he can through his paintings, faithful as they are to both the timeless and the momentary. Thus he gives to his children – and to all of us – a remarkable record of a native lifestyle, intimately known and nostalgically recalled.” (Taos Talking Pictures Official Program)

Taos Pueblo artist Jonathan Warm Day presents a slice of life as it used to be, following his people through the four seasons in story and art. His intricate and brilliantly colored original paintings illuminate the gentle textual passages that describe a culture with traditions, and customs that are now part of the past and of the heritage of the Natives of Taos. This is a book to be cherished by children and adults alike.

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