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American Indian History, 2 volume set Vols 1 & 2 Five Centuries of Conflict & Coexistence


ISBN: 9781574160772
Author: Robert W. Venables
Pages: 776
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American Indian History, Volume I: Conquest of a Continent, 1492-1783, and Volume II: Confrontation, Adaptation & Assimilation, 1783-Present chronicle the dynamic process of interaction among Indian nations, Europeans and the United States during the past five centuries. Through his meticulous research and excellent narrative style, Robert Venables, Ph.D., makes this history come alive. Starting with the early period of contact, “discovery” and conquest, this two-volume set presents a detailed study of all sides of many complex issues, allowing the reader to look at American history from a new perspective and presenting, often for the first time, the Native sides of these issues. This work also provides insights into the cultural misunderstandings between Indian nations and the Eurocentric-thinking U.S. government. The survival of both cultures, despite their conflicts, has brought about an alliance between the two, both still struggling to shape their identities while sharing the same lands, as well as the values of freedom and individual liberties. Every American who cares about the future of our nation should read this two-volume set.

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