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Beyond Recycling A RE-USERS GUIDE 336 Practical Tips to Save Money and Protect the Environment


ISBN: 9780940666924
Author: Kathy Stein
Pages: 165
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While recycling has made a significant impact on what author Kathy Stein calls “the Great American Waste Stream,” a new movement is gathering momentum, a practical alternative that is cheaper and more energy efficient, and has greater impact on pollution. This down-to-earth, entertaining guide offers 336 simple and practical tips. It describes ways to re-use 70 types of products that are often not accepted for recycling and that most of us throw in the trash or cart to the dump.

Conveniently alphabetized with one type of product discussed in each section, the book offers complete information on how products can be re-used, environmental and economic benefits, success stories of individuals or businesses that have developed innovative approaches to re-use, warnings about when re-use may not be appropriate, and resource listings of publications and organizations to contact. Many businesses, manufacturers, schools, and charitable organizations will be delighted to accept products from eyeglasses to computers to packaging materials to used building materials to junk cars.

The author describes money-saving re-use strategies such as renting products that are likely to be used only once; maintaining and repairing appliances, gadgets, and toys; and opting out of disposables once and for all. She discusses new opportunities created by national organizations that promote re-use, and the growing number of corporations that find it makes economic sense to recondition and remanufacture products and to re-use packaging materials.

The author explains the importance of re-use to the environment. The Worldwatch Institute has stated that re-use is a key element in the global strategy to build a sustainable society. More re-using means less timber clear-cutting, fewer oil spills, less acid rain, less strip mining, and reduced emissions of greenhouse gases. A book for the nineties, Beyond Recycling shows how we can help preserve our natural environmental heritage while saving money through simple, common sense choices that help to create a sustainable lifestyle.

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