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Douglas Johnson A Painter’s Odyssey


ISBN: 9780940666917
Author: Robert Ewing
Illustrator: Douglas Johnson, 80 color Illustrations
Pages: 112
Age Group:

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Through the use of intricate patterns, rich color, and startling juxtapositions, Southwestern artist Douglas Johnson entices the viewer into a world in which dream, myth, and ritual have a power transcending everyday reality. He is a true original, whose magically evocative works defy classification and follow none of the popular styles that regularly appear and disappear from the art scene. While Johnson acknowledges the influence of artistic sources as varied as the Renaissance, Impressionism, Surrealism, and Japanese and Navajo painting, he has created a vision and style uniquely his own.

The artist’s inspiration draws its richness from the ancient cultures of North America, Mexico, Peru, and Egypt. His gem-like miniatures, often depicting pre-Columbian ruins, scenes of early Indian life, and exquisite birds and flowers, have gained wide critical acclaim over the past thirty years. His work is represented in numerous private, corporate, and museum collections.

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