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Enchanted Santa Fe The Quest for the Golden City


ISBN: 9780940666146
Author: Elmo Baca
Illustrator: 145 Color Illustrations
Pages: 110
Age Group:

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Santa Fe is a timeless and transcendental place that has drawn people for centuries, and about which countless fantasies have been woven. In Santa Fe Fantasy, a brilliant author presents a pictorial essay that shows why “The City Different” has had such a powerful effect upon people of different times, races, and cultures, and why its allure persists, even more strongly, to the present day.

Enchanted Santa Fe captures the mystique of this fabulous city as no one has ever done before. The text is masterfully inter-woven with historical and contemporary photographs, and with paintings by New Mexico’s greatest artists, including Douglas Johnson, who has created a magnificent painting especially for the cover.

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