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Soups, Stews, and Quickbreads 450 Recipes from Around the World


ISBN: 9781574160024
Author: Jan Thomson
Pages: 222
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This book is a lifesaver for the average busy person who needs to get tasty meals on table on time, keep up spice and variety, and would like to enjoy doing it. Jan Thomson has turned simplicity, time-saving, and culinary fun into an art all its own. In this book she offers hundreds of light and hearty “meals in a bowl” and a nearly endless choice of breads to be served on the side. She includes recipes of all kinds–from traditional standards to exotic imports. She has tested and retested each one to reduce it to essential steps while preserving flavor, flair, and good healthy eating.

Recipes are presented in a clear, convenient format of her own devising that cuts reading time to a minimum and reduces the errors that can result from cooking in a hurry. There are recipes for every kind of taste–from elegant bisques to hearty stews, soups both meaty and vegetarian, and quickbreads plain, sweet, or tangy. Equally useful as a treasury of quick informal meals or distinctive soup courses for more elaborate dining, Thomson’s book will become a standard for busy cooks who want to offer up lively eating without fuss and bother.

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