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Happy Camper’s Cookbook Eating Well is Portable


ISBN: 9781574160246
Author: Marylin Abraham, Sandy MacGregor
Pages: 144
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Oh God, not another cookbook! Yes, but picture this: You’re sitting in a chaise lounge in the talc-like sand along the shore. It’s been a perfect summer day of long walks, dips in the water, and naps. You’re in a beautiful spot, far from aggravation and most everything, in fact. The sun will be setting in an hour. Time for a dinner as good as the day. Hot dogs? NOT.

When these two New York City publishing executives quit their jobs and headed West in a motor home, one thing they knew would never be left behind-good food. They froze bagels, stored cheeses, and loaded their storage bins with the best seasonings. In the four years since they left town, they’ve covered 70,000 miles, 43 states, 5 provinces, and never missed a great meal. They’ve also learned a lot about what’s for dinner everywhere-from the cities to the very back woods.

According to Marilyn and Sandy, “Camping in our motor home has opened our eyes to a new way of living and a great way to enjoy food. Traveling across the continent we’ve run across fabulous food specialty stores, harvest festivals, and farm markets which have increased our ability to live well on the road. Cooking and eating outdoors, with all the modern conveniences at hand, is one of the pleasures of life. Because our time is generally focused on other activities, cooking time is, by necessity, short. By design, our meals are intensely flavorful, internationally influenced, yet very simple to prepare, relying on relatively few ingredients that can be found everywhere.”

In addition to great interpretations of grill classics The Happy Camper’s Cookbook covers hot and cold sides, what to cook for a rainy day, intentional leftovers for fabulous lunches, and great dessert “assemblies.” Along the way, Abraham and MacGregor offer helpful hints for making the camping chef’s life easier.

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