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White Roots of Peace: Iroquois Book of Life


ISBN: 9780940666306
Author: Paul Wallace
Illustrator: John Kahionhes Fadden 22 illustrations
Pages: 160
Age Group:


A faithful retelling of the epic story of Deganawidah, the Peacemaker. This work describes the vision and courageous efforts leading to the creation of a political system that provided a blueprint for the transformation of the Thirteen Colonies into the United States of America. A great political philosopher as well as an enlightened spiritual master, Deganawidah created a lasting peace based on principles of rationality and on reverence for the Creator.

Wallace’s book is the richest and most authoritative source of the teachings of the Iroquois spiritual and political tradition, which has preserved an unbroken lineage since the fifteenth century.

All those who value Native American spirituality will welcome this chance to encounter the living tradition of Deganawidah, the charismatic Peacemaker, whose vision and tireless efforts enabled the Six Nations to unite and live together in harmony. For the modern reader this book is a source of both spiritual guidance and political wisdom. As political philosopher and enlightened spiritual master, Deganawidah has bequeathed a model for peace and spiritual harmony that is especially relevant in today’s chaotic world.

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