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Yoga of Nature Union with Fire, Earth, Air & Water


ISBN: 9781574160734
Author: Thia Luby
Pages: 136
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All of nature is ever changing, with drought, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes constantly shifting the environment. Our bodies also shift and change at every moment. Yoga teaches us to increase awareness of these changes and to develop better insights into ourselves, both inside and relation to the world around us. Yoga has always been blended with nature. Classical yoga poses were developed from nature’s wonders. Seers studied and imitated how animals stayed agile and healthy. As a result, many classical yoga poses imitated animals or insects. Other yoga poses imitated strong, stable natural wonders such as trees, mountains, flowers and other inanimate and animate objects.

This book takes this concept a step further to look at each of the four elements in nature–earth, water, fire and air—and see how they relate to specific yoga poses. The section on earth will consist of poses that enable one to get grounded and to connect with the earth. Water is representative of water creatures living on this planet in the sea world. Fire incorporates poses that build heat in different parts of the body. Air relates to breath that is enhanced by pranayama (breathing exercises) to increase oxygen in the body as well as a series of poses related to the sky.

Some of the yoga poses contained in this book are classical ones developed thousands of years ago. Others were created or renamed by the author through thirty years of exploration and development of mind, body spiritual awareness, and teaching yoga.

Yoga of Nature explores the relationship of the poses to the four elements in an innovative and playful manner. The book is designed for all experience levels and all ages, including partner poses, to build strength and flexibility, both mental and physical.

Yoga has been described as a fountain of youth. This is due to the manner in which different poses redirect the blood into vital organs and stimulate the various charkas for a healthy body and mind while enhancing strength and flexibility. Carrying this even further, Yoga of Nature presents poses for dealing with imbalances, specific ailments, and prevention of problems. Sample workouts help get the student started on a path of a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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