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Citrus Cookbook Tantalizing Food & Beverage Recipes from Around the World


ISBN: 9781574160567
Author: Frank Thomas and Marlene Leopold
Pages: 160
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The term “L’Orange” awakens epicurean possibilities that stimulate not only the very roots of your taste buds, but also the most creative imaginations. Every cuisine throughout the world uses citrus to enhance the flavor of condiments, appetizers, beverages, soups, salads, vegetables, pastas, meats, seafood, and desserts The age of international citrus cooking has just begun, making new and refreshing meal ideas like Middle Eastern Roasted Chicken, Indonesian Lamb Kebabs, and Greek Bacon Wrapped Shrimp not only simple, but incredibly delicious. Citrus Cookbook presents over 200 recipes in which citrus is paramount or an integral part. Variations of textbook standards are nestled among mouth-watering originals concocted in the authors’ busy kitchens.

In Citrus Cookbook, Frank Thomas and Marlene Leopold illustrate their appreciation for good food, proving that delicious can also be healthy. The list of health benefits of citrus will undoubtedly grow, but it is what citrus does to taste that has maintained its popularity. It not only imparts a wonderful fresh flavor to foods, but also acts as a natural tenderizer to meat, poultry, and fish. Citrus lovers will be unable to resist the imaginative original recipes as well as hints to simplify preparation and tips for avoiding disaster. Exotic recipes from around the world are made clear enough for the average cook to easily master. This book reads like a letter from a beloved relative. A must for every kitchen.

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